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To make the Earth a Garden of Eden


last update the 05 10 2018

Nacer en Paz - Samaipata

A Center for humanized childbirths and respected births
in Samaipata - Bolivia


The "Nacer en Paz - Samaipata" project aims to create, inside the public hospital of Samaipata, an holistic context, propitious to natural humanized childbirth and respected births. It will be beneficial to all women residing in the Municipality of Samaipata. Will be respected the intimacy desired by the parturient (alone, in couple, with another person (s), ...), and the natural birth process. Well be available, both  specific equipment and trained staff ready to help and act an harmonious, efficient and precise way, if necessary.


Project progress

Stage 1 - September 2018, a shared vision, a welcomed project
see 2019 project document (in Spanish)

Stage 2 - October 2018, feasibility study and creation of a supporting team

Stage 3 - November 2018 - Crowdfunding in Samaipata and creation of a supporting people network
Support the project, make a donation

Stage 4 - December 2018 - National and international Crowdfunding

to help promote the project, contact me by email : nacerenpaz.samaipata@gmail.com

Stage 5 - 2019/2020 - Project execution and monitoring

chrisChristophe J. A. Ranque, Living Well facilitator in Samaipata
father of 11 children born in couple
co-author of documentary and book about self-managed childbirth


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