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last update the 05 10 2018

Nacer en Paz - Samaipata

A Center for humanized childbirths and respected births
in Samaipata - Bolivia


The "Nacer en Paz - Samaipata" project aims to create, inside the public hospital of Samaipata, an holistic context, propitious to natural and peacefull births.

It will be beneficial to all women residing in the Municipality of Samaipata.

Will be respected the intimacy desired by the parturient (alone, in couple, with another person (s), ...), and the natural birth process.

Well be available, both  specific equipment and trained staff ready to help and act an harmonious, efficient and precise way, if necessary.

To the birthing space itself will be added next :

- habitations to accomodate the parturient and her family before and after childbirth

- a complexe with offices for individual consultations and and rooms for collective events, before and after childbirth.


Project progress

Stage 1 - September 2018, a shared vision, a welcomed project

download here a summary of the project to share in your social networks

Stage 2 - October 2018, feasibility study and creation of a supporting team
  • feasibility study : enconter with local actors (hospital, town hall, council, legal adviser, SAFCI doctor, traditional and holistic healers), visit to available field, design of the Center and birthing space, evaluation of the cost


The land available (in blue) on hospital public field



Above design of the Center and birthing space (project 2019),

below croquis of birthing space
Estimated cost : 40 000 US$
  • animation : 2d./wk.x13 weeks. + 4d. + 6d., in 9 months x 200 bs/d. = 31 200 bs

  • appropriation of the projet by the team : 1d./week. x 200bs/d.= 7 800 bs

  • design and quote : 2 000 bs

  • birthing space building : 80 x 1400bs/sqm + 80 x 700bs/sqm = 117 600 bs

  • accomodation and equipment: 18 000 bs

  • art on outside wall : 7 x 1000 bs = 7 000 bs

  • team specific trainings : 2 x 3 500 + 4 x 1 500 = 13 000 bs

  • library, books purchase and Christophe's book translation : 15 000 bs

  • mide-wifes compensation - one year : 24 x 2000 bs/assisted woman = 48 000 bs

  • follow-up, experience capitalisation, diffusion and duplication of the project : 12 000 bs

  • communication, campaign costs : 4 000 bs

  • unexpected costs : 3 400 bs

TOTAL : 280 000 Bs = 40 000 US$

  • Creation of an international and multidisciplined team


22/10/2018 - From left to right, Mari, Christophe, Tatiana, Johana, Cecilia, Carla and Krissia (in medallon because absent)

  • Mari, doctor, bolivian, mother, especialized in self-managed gynecology and bio-decodification

  • Tatiana, doula, bolivian, mother of 2 children, mother help for home births

  • Johana, madron, argentin, mother of 3 children, has attended over 20 humanazed childbirth

  • Carla, madron, peruana, mother of 4 children, has attended over 20 humanazed childbirth

  • Krissia, Costa Rica nurse and mide-wife

Stage 3 - November 2018 - Team training and creation of a supporting network

You can manifest your moral support to the project from now. Go to our Facebook page and clic on the I like of this publication "A Center for humanized childbirth and respected birth in Samaipata".

I likered

You can also clic on the I like of the publication "I wish to make a donation to fond the project". It will help us have an idea of the amount of potential donors.

I likered

WARNING : we can not receive fonds yet as we are still waiting for local public health comity approval. But manifesting from now your solidarity with the project, it gives it the social force it requieres for a better credibility.

to promote the project, contact me by email
nacerenpaz.samaipata at gmail.com

Stage 4 - December 2018 - Official launching and international Crowdfunding

Stage 5 - 2019/2020 - Project execution and monitoring

chrisChristophe J. A. Ranque, Living Well facilitator in Samaipata
father of 11 children born in couple
co-author of documentary and book about self-managed childbirth


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