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Who we are

Claire et Christophe
      Claire                           Christophe 

Born in France respectively in 1969 (Christophe) and 1971 (Claire), we get married in 1994. Parents of eleven children born on the four continents where we have been living, we are looking for a family lifestyle presented on the website pangaialoveabundancia.org.

la famille
photo of the family - april 2016

Conscious of the richness of our living, we share our experience through works (DVDs and books) published by Living Naturally and Peacefully Editions and for sale on the website pangaialoveabundancia.com.

Graduated in agronomy and passionated by Life rules and Nature harmony, we are experimenting perma-nurturing gardens in Bolivia, where we are living now, and are selling a large biodiversity of alimentary plants. This project is our contribution to a larger dynamic. It is presented on the website pangaialoveabundancia.net.

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fleur de vie de famille

a Family
Bâtissons un Nouvel Eden
To make the Earth
a Garden of Eden
Éditions Vivre Naturellement et Paisiblement
Living Naturally
and Peacefully Editions

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