pour faire de la Terre un Jardin d'╔denfranšaisespagnolpangaia love abundancia

To make the Earth a Garden of Eden

We belong to a generation who has been early preoccupated by ecological and environmental challenges. Through our cursus as agro-scientists and personal investigations, we progressively realised that the Earth was an Edenic Garden in process.

Travelling with our children, we lived in several paradisiacal places, as it exists all over the world. It inspired us to create our own Garden of Eden, where we settled in 2009, near Samaipata in Bolivia.

This website is an invitation to follow us, to become involved in the dynamic "To make the Eart a Garden of Eden".

For that, you will find here tips to help you transform your life (in French) : inform yourself, share what you think, change of life/create your life, travel/be voluntier, visit our beautiful valley, in order to succeed one day, somewhere on the Planet, to create your own small Paradise.

You can follow our projects and support us here.

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